How To Make a
Zero Gravity Hover Board


Dear Assholes,

Did you really think I was just going to hand this thing over and let you kill me?

I tried to be rational and even made a simple business proposition that provided a way out for all of us. And your response was to murder my friends? To shoot me?

Guess what? Game over.

Even if you take down the DIY video on this website or remove any of my other videos, we'll keep putting them up. This device is now out… you cannot kill everyone.

In case it occurs to you to clean house, you should know that I have collected a list names of 42 people who have died in the last two weeks in connection to this, as well video surveillance footage of the Samson St massacre. Make one more attempt on my life or any of my friends and an automated distribution program goes into effect.

Cut your losses. Now. Or I will release the whole thing, along with a simple roadmap that ties all the deaths together and leads directly to your doorstep.

I think I'll call it Breaking Gravity.

Hugs & Kisses,


1 x Skateboard blank
1 x Roll of aluminum foil
1 x Hot glue gun
2 x Hot glue stick
1 x Soldering iron
1 x Soldering paste tin-lead (I prefer water soluble)
1 x Equus 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter <-- must be this EXACT model

NOTE: Please. I urge very serious caution the first time you turn this thing on. Make sure that you are outside and that nothing is overhead. And you might want to protect your ears in case you have the setting too high. Make sure that the area around you is clear and that no children or pets are nearby. I cannot stress it enough, this thing you are about to build can be very, very dangerous. Please use extreme caution.





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I think a lot of readers just forget that there's a human being on the other side of this equation. But I'm a real person. I wrote the story you just read and I'm dying to know what you think about it.

Breaking Gravity is my first attempt at a novel. I could easily write a dozen more, each one a little better than the last as my writing skills improve. But why bother trying to improve as a writer if I suck as a storyteller?

That's why I need your opinion. This is my baby, so it's impossible for me to be objective. I had a blast writing it, but what if my joy didn't translate on paper? To me, she may be the cutest, most adorable little baby in the whole wide world. But for all I know, that kid done fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Please. If I suck at this, you have to tell me. Put me out of my misery, right now.

On the other hand, if you happened to have enjoyed the ride then I'd really appreciate an encouraging word. I'm a social animal, but writing is a solitary endeavor. It's tough to stay motivated when I have no clue if I'm on the right track. A little pat on the back could make a world of difference.

Thank you very much for you're time and consideration!


Breaking Gravity

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